Our Poodles

Cachucha's Amor Gitano 'Wez'

From the start of his puppy training it was evident that Wez has incredible enthusiasm and a great desire to work. Working with him as a youngster felt so rewarding that I decided to take him beyond training for the breed ring and into the realms of training for the sport of agility.

Wez took to this very well indeed and, having already been successful in the breed ring at championship level, including at Crufts, he began his career in the agility ring in March 2012. Wez is a stylish and accurate competitor who gives the border collies a run for their money. He often places in the top 10 in both agility and jumping, running at grade three in classes of approximately 200 dogs.

Wez has a hip score of 5:4, is clear of vWd and has a current clear eye certificate.

I regret that Wez is currently not available at public stud.

Cachucha's Terra Rossa  'Mars'


Mars is the son of Cachucha's Lady in Red (Vixen) and VDH Jr CH Arreau's Morning Has Broken (Murphy). He is the youngest member of the Cachucha family and has just embarked upon his breed showing career, making his debut at Richmond Championship Show on 7th September 2014. Mars won his class in style and qualified for Crufts.

Mars has a very kind, loving nature and is a pleasure to live with.

 Cantope Red Hot Toddy of Cachucha 'Toddy'

Todd is a red standard poodle who was imported to the UK from Canada at the end of January 2008. He is incredibly intelligent with a warm, affectionate personality and a strong desire to please. His personality shines through in many of his offspring, as can be seen in his son Wez.

Todd was the first red standard poodle in the UK. Both sides of his pedigree can be traced back to the Palmares and Shangri-La kennels of the United States who were originally responsible for breeding the red standard poodle. Click here for details

Todd has been tested clear of vWd and SA, his eyes have been tested clear of hereditary cataracts and his hip score is 6 : 3, which is well below the breed average of 14. At the age of 7 he is still holding his beautiful red colour which is quite something as most have faded to a very light colour by this age.

Todd is currently not available at public stud.


Myall Pure Genius of Cachucha AW(B) 'Guinness'

As with most of my dogs, Guinness commenced his career in the conformation show ring. He enjoyed considerable success in this field and was exhibited at Crufts in March 2006. After this he switched disciplines to focus on the sport of dog agility, which he did up until the age of 7. Guinness gained his Kennel Club Bronze Agility Warrant before retiring in 2012.

As well as participating in conformation showing and agility, Guinness enjoyed a varied career as a canine model/actor. Some of his jobs included a fashion shoot with Nazir Mazhar in the vaults of Somerset House at London Fashion Week, a music video shoot with Alex Roots for her single Don't Stop Looking, a fashion shoot in Regent's Park with Noah Huntley for Fantastic Man Magazine and a music video shoot with Will Young. Guinness never failed to deliver what was required of him and whomever he worked with was always impressed.


Cachucha's Lady In Red 'Vixen'

Vixen is a daughter of Toddy, born July 2008. She is elegant as well as intelligent with a lively, yet friendly personality.

Although Vixen had only been exhibited in the conformation ring a few times, she qualified for and was exhibited at Crufts 2010, winning a VHC award in the highly competitive yearling bitch class under Eileen Geeson. She went on to qualify for Crufts 2011 but was not exhibited as she was in season.

In April 2012 Vixen gave birth to her first litter of pups. There were 9 pups in total - 4 girls and 5 boys. Sire of the litter is Champion Kertella's on Easy Street at Montravia. We have selected her daughter, Cachucha's Black Magic (Bertha) to stay with us here at Cachucha.

In January 2014 Vixen gave birth to her second litter of pups. This time there were 10 pups in total - 4 girls and 6 boys. Sire of the litter is VGH jr CH Arreau's Morning Has Broken  We have selected her son, Cachucha's Terra Rossa (Mars) to stay with us here at Cachucha.

Vixen has a hip score of 6:3. She has tested clear of hereditary cataracts and SA. She is also clear of von Willebrands disease.



Tropical Grace of Cachucha 'Elsa'

Elsa is by CH Taladayga The Entertainer JW out of Dorvalle Dancing Amber and is half sister to Cachucha's Magic Touch (Millie). She was born in April 2011. She has a hip score of 4:4 and a clear HC eye certificate.

Elsa is a happy, bouncy girl with a real love of life. She likes nothing more than a good run in the countryside, a hearty meal and a nice cuddle. She spent a brief time in the breed ring, but wasn't too keen on the show life. Consequently I called it a day!

On 11th September 2013 Elsa gave birth to 11 puppies, sired by Cachucha's Amor Gitano (Wez). Pictures of the puppies at 8 weeks of age can be seen here:

Cachucha's Black Magic 'Bertha'

Bertha is the daughter of Cachucha's Lady in Red (Vixen) and Champion Kertella's on Easy Street at Montravia (Alfie). She was born on 6th April 2012. She is a fun loving, affectionate young lady who made a very successful start to her showing career, qualifying for Crufts twice in the short space of time between October and December 2012.  However, as successful as she was, she did not enjoy the showing life so, once she had shown at Crufts 2013 and fulfilled her 'duty' I retired her.

Bertha now enjoys life on our farm, going for runs, chasing birds and generally having fun. She has a hip score of 4:4 and her eyes are yet to be tested.

Cachucha's Magic Touch 'Millie'

Millie is a daughter of Cantope Ruby Tuesday of Cachucha (Ruby) and CH Taladayga The Entertainer JW (Hunter). Her pedigree combines some of the most successful British apricot lines with some of the most successful international red and apricot lines. 


At the age of 6 years she has the sweetest of natures and continues to enjoy participating in agility training.

Millie's hip score is 4 : 3, Her eyes have been tested clear of hereditary cataracts and she has been tested clear of vWd and SA.

Dikatanya Foxy Girl of Cachucha AW(S)'Poppy'

Poppy is a miniature poodle. She's a loveable little character who is amazingly quick to learn. Poppy has proved to be a fantastic little agility dog and continues to be a reliable and accurate competitor. Poppy qualified for several finals in competition during 2012. One of these included the Dog In Need Agility small final in which she achieved a very commendable 4th place. She also achieved her KC silver agility warrant and is three quarters of the way to gaining her gold.

In April 2013 Poppy won a grade 3 agility class which moved her up to grade 4, then, in August 2013 she won a grade 4 agility class as well as a grade 4 jumping class at the same show! Our clever girl now runs at grade 5.

Poppy become a mother in October 2011 and had a lovely litter of 4 pups; 2 boys and 2 girls. We kept the girl with the golden ribbon and called her Cachucha's Miss Behavin'


Cachucha's Miss Behavin'  'B'


B is out of Dikatanya Foxy Girl of Cachucha AW(S) (Poppy), by Milandia Gold Strike (Dexter). She is an outgoing, confident young lady with a knack for getting into mischief! B was exhibited very lightly in the conformation ring and did reasonably well. However, the agility ring was her calling and she has since made her debut therein, running her first clear round at grade 3 in May 2013 at Tunbridge Wells.

B has achieved several top 10 places in 2014 and is turning into a fast, accurate competitor. She really is a delight to run.