Gallery of puppy pictures from our Sept 2013 Elsa x Wez litter

The pictures below are of the first litter of standard poodle pups born to Elsa and Wez on 11 September 2013. All are sold but I have kept their pictures here for your enjoyment.

Elsa & Wez's pups aged 8 weeks. These photos were taken just before the pups left for their new homes.

Boys (sold) :

Apricot boy - Hector  sold


Apricot boy - Flynn SOLD

Red boy - Mojo SOLD

Apricot boy - Alfie SOLD

Red boy - Charlie SOLD

The Girls (sold):

Red girl - Florence SOLD

Red girl - Evie SOLD

Red girl - Robyn SOLD

Red girl - 'Amber' SOLD

Apricot girl -'Jazz' SOLD

Apricot girl -'Lola' SOLD

Here are the proud parents: sire of the litter Cachucha's Amor Gitano (Wez) and dam Tropical Grace of Cachucha (Elsa).

                                    Wez                                                                Elsa