Cachucha Standard Poodles In Apricot and Red
Puppy Sales Contract

This is an important document. You should not buy the puppy and sign this contract unless you intend to be bound by its terms.

It is accepted and agreed that _________________________hereafter known as The Buyer(s); purchase from Rowena Parker (owner of KC affix Cachucha), hereafter known as The Breeder; one Standard Poodle puppy, details below, for the sum of **** under the following conditions:

Particulars of the Standard Poodle Puppy:


Registration No:

Microchip No


Date of Birth


1. This animal shall not be used for breeding.

2. He shall be neutered/spayed by the age of one year.

3. This animal’s health is guaranteed for 72 hours in the case of communicable disease.
She was examined by a veterinary surgeon on __________ and was found to be in ________ clinical condition. A certificate confirming this is enclosed in the KC puppy sales wallet supplied with the puppy at time of sale.

4. If, within five days of purchase, a veterinary surgeon finds any problem which, in his opinion, renders the puppy unfit for sale, the puppy may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price provided that:

4.1 The Buyer specifically confirms that The Breeder will not be held responsible for any distress caused by the return of the puppy.

4.2 The Buyer is solely liable for any costs associated with the return of the puppy to The Breeder.

4.3 The puppy is returned within five days of the date of sale in the same state of health in which it was sold.

4.4 The Buyer provides a written statement from a vet setting out the problem and including the name of the puppy and identifying microchip number.

5. All breeds of dog are affected by diseases, some of which are genetic, or partly genetic in origin. The Buyer acknowledges that:

5.1 The Buyer has been advised to consult a veterinary surgeon to discuss this breed and any potential problems dogs of the breed may have. A veterinary surgeon is the person best qualified to give advice on such matters.

5.2 The parents of this puppy have been hip scored. They have been DNA tested for von Willebrands Disease. They have also been tested for Sebacious Adenitis & eye tested for cataracts. Their results are as follows:

Hip score:

Hip score:

6. The Buyer confirms that this animal will be properly housed, fed, watered and exercised and that appropriate veterinary attention will be provided for it if and when required. The Buyer further acknowledges that the animal will not be permitted to roam at large or to cause a nuisance to neighbours or those carrying out official duties. When away from home The Buyer will ensure that the dog wears a property tagged collar and that it is kept leashed or under effective control.

7. The Buyer confirms that the puppy will be taken to training/socialisation classes. It is advised that these are carried on for at least one year to ensure a well socialised and trained Standard Poodle.

8. The Buyer guarantees that the fencing at the property at which the animal is to be kept is sufficient to keep an active standard poodle within the grounds and that this animal will not be kept permanently in a kennel or cage, or tied up and will not be regularly left unattended for periods longer than four hours.

7. Should The Buyer have any tests undertaken on this animal including tests for Hip Dysplasia, Thyroid, von Willebrands Disease, Sebacious Adenitis plus any other tests which could be of interest to The Breeder due to their possible effect on future breeding programmes, a copy of the results will be passed to The Breeder. All tests to be undertaken at the cost of The Buyer.

8. The Buyer agrees to advise The Breeder twice a year of the animal’s progress by virtue of a phone call, photographs or video tapes showing the condition of the dog. The Buyer will not hesitate to contact The Breeder with any problems or questions concerning the ownership of the dog.

9. The Buyer guarantees that the puppy will not be transferred to a third party, without the express permission of The Breeder in writing, under any circumstances.

10. If at any time The Buyer can no longer care for this animal, the animal will be returned to Rowena Parker, Greenlane Farm, Green Lane, Asheldham, Southminster, Essex CM0 7DU. The Breeder will re-home the dog. A proportion of the purchase price, less The Breeder's expenses, will be refunded. Breeder expenses include, but may not be limited to, veterinary health check, boarding, food, advertising, and travel. If the dog is given to a “breeder-approved” friend or family member, the contact information of the new owner shall be provided to Rowena Parker. Any new owner shall be required to follow the terms of this agreement.

11. The Buyer will inform The Breeder of any and all changes of address and/or telephone numbers during the ownership of the dog.

12. The Kennel Club Registration Form states that this puppy cannot have an Export Certificate. Should The Buyer decide to permanently reside abroad and provide The Breeder with proof of this intent this restriction may be lifted at The Breeder's discretion.

13. The Kennel Club Registration Form states that the progeny from this Standard Poodle may not be registered. This means that should The Buyer breed from this dog the offspring cannot be registered with the Kennel Club.

14. This Puppy is sold as a Pet.

Signed by The Breeder ______________________________ Dated ______________

Signed by The Buyer________________________________ Dated _______________

By signing this contract the Buyer(s) confirm(s) that they have read and agree to all the terms set out within.